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Pharmacy: In 2012, F.W. Medical Center Foundation Pharmacy was built in Oskaloosa, KS to fill a need. From greeting cards to medical supplies, printing photos, sitting back and drinking a gourmet coffee or old time float, we are the place where memories can be made, friends can meet and smiles come free. Oh yeah, there’s the prescriptions too. Medicare Part D consulting available upon request. Prescription delivery service available and free delivery to F.W. Huston medical Center in Winchester, KS.

In, 2015 F.W. Medical Center Pharmacy expanded and opened another location in Meriden, KS. Here, with every visit, you are given the option to enjoy a FREE bag of fresh popcorn.

F.W. Huston Medical Center Foundation Pharmacy
509 Delaware Street
Oskaloosa, KS 66066
(785) 863-3401 Phone
(785) 863-3405 Fax

F.W. Huston Medical Center Pharmacy
8023 K4 Highway

Meriden, KS 66512
(785) 484-2450 Phone
(785) 484-2448 Fax