Chelsey Wilson : Windmill blowing in the wind in Nortonville, KS

Donald Martin : Steel Bridge over the Delaware River in Valley Falls, KS

Kim Everly : Old Water Tower Improvements in Mclouth, KS

MacKenzie Kerr :  Neighborhood Autumn Mclouth, KS

Kelly Chess :Deer in tall grass in Perry, KS

Chelsey Wilson : Little purple flowers in Nortonville, KS

Sarah Farlee :An American Shine in Mclouth, KS

Kelly Chess :Buck at sunset along US 59 HWY

Chelsey Wilson : Stump and Planter in Nortonville, KS

Kelly Chess :Fall Leaves in Perry, KS

Kim Everly : The Circus Came to Town in Mclouth, KS

Kim Everly : Threshing Bee Flag in Mclouth, KS

MacKenzie Kerr : Stream of Leaves

Carly Henson : Life on the Farm in Valley Falls, KS

Chelsey Wilson : White Flower  in Nortonville, KS

Chelsey Wilson : Snow on a rooftop in Nortonville, KS

Kim Everly :Halloween 2017 in Mclouth, KS

Sarah Farlee Cruisin' Mclouth in Mclouth, KS

MacKenzie Kerr : Life in the City

Chelsey Wilson : Dripping Water in Nortonville, KS

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Chelsey Wilson : Pink Flower  in Nortonville, KS